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3 Tips for finishing your crochet WIPs

Why is it so easy to start projects, but finishing them is much harder. There is always something so exciting about picking a project, choosing the yarn and starting to stitch. But once the newness is gone of the WIP (work-in-progress), it is easy to toss it to the side and to start on a new WIP. Or once the project gets harder than you originally thought, and you have to frog. And frog, and frog, and frog.

Does that sound all too familiar? Yeah, I thought so.

It is something I struggled with for years. It was only in the past few months that I have been able to finish more projects. I have learned a few tips that have helped me finish projects, and I help they will help you too!

Tip 1: Know Your Why

What’s your why behind your WIP? Is it to make your first garment? To gift the finished piece to someone? Do you enjoy working on this project?

By knowing your why behind your project, that gives you a little motivation and incentive to finish it. When you are tempted to throw a WIP to the side, remember your reason for making it! Is it because you want to be able to make your first garment? Or to learn a new skill?

When you have a why behind a WIP it gives the project a whole new meaning.

Tip 2: Force Yourself it Push Through

This is not the most exciting tip, but it has really helped me finish projects! More times than I care to admit, I lose my motivation for a project. I have learned when this happens, I need to find new motivation. A lot of the time, I tell myself that I have to finish a certain project before I can start another one.

This really gives me motivation, it forces me to finish the WIP I have on my hook, before I start a new one.

Tip 3: Take A Break

This may seem like a contradiction to the last tip, but sometimes a project just needs to be put aside for a bit. This usually happens when I have frogged the WIP multiple times and it is not turning out the way I want.

Sometimes I get so frustrated, that I simply need a break. I will normally set it aside for a few days, but rarely more than a week. By just having a few days off, it gives me new motivation to finish it (or frog it).

I hope these tips will help you finish some of your WIPs! Be sure to follow me on Instagram at @_stitchberry

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