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Amaia Ribbed Beanie – Free Crochet Pattern

The Amaia Beanie will become your go-to hat every year! This is the hat that is perfect for all your winter adventures and bad hair days. The classic faux-knit ribbing makes the hat classic and modern the fold-up brim is the perfect way to adjust the amount of slouch.

One day when I was scrolling on Pinterest, (what else is new?) I saw a knit-ribbed beanie that had this beautiful ribbing with the brim folded up.

I knew I instantly had to recreate the beanie in crochet!

It took a lot of experimenting and swatching to get the stitch pattern just right. In fact, there were a few times that I wanted to give up. But I was then reminded of how modern and timeless the hat on Pinterest was. I knew I really wanted to recreate this hat, and this gave me the motivation I needed!

I chose to give the experimenting for a break for a couple of days before I picked it back up again. After a few days away from it, I was able to pick it back up again and I was finally able to come up with the perfect stitch combination!

This hat has become my favorite beanie to wear – and I’m not even a hat person! But I wear this beanie all the time. It is perfect for those cold, winter days and for bad hair days:) The free pattern is below!

Click HERE for an inexpensive PDF pattern



  1. This pattern is written in standard American crochet terms.
  2. The hat is worked in rows and seamed and cinched together.

Skill level: Easy

Size: This hat fits most teens and adults. To adjust the slouch, add more or take away from the starting ch. The slouch of the hat can also be adjusted by adjusting the brim.To adjust the circumference, add or take away from the number of rows worked.  

Measurements: With the brim folded over 2 ¼ inches, the length is 9 inches. Circumference is 15 ½ inches. 

Gauge: 7 rows of 8 hdc = 2 inches


St: Stitch

Sl stitch: Slip stitch

Ch: Chain

Hdc: Half double crochet

Hdc in third loop (also known as the camel stitch): This is a hdc that is worked in the 3rd loop instead of the top loops. The 3rd loop can be found below the front loop.


Ch 66

Row 1: 1 hdc in 2nd ch from hook and in every ch across (65). Ch 1, turn.

Row 2: 1 hdc in the third loop only (65). Ch 1, turn.

Row 3: 1 hdc in the back loop only of every st (60). Ch 1, turn.

Row 4: 1 hdc in the back loop only of every st (60). Ch 1, turn.

Row 5: 1 hdc in the third loop only of every st (60). Ch 1, turn.

Row 6: 1 hdc in the third loop only of every st (60). Ch 1, turn.

Repeat rows 3-6 for a total of 61 rows. Sl st the two ends together to form a tube. Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. Cinch the top of the hat closed. Weave in loose ends.

I hope you enjoyed making the Amaia Beanie! Be sure to tag me on Instagram (@_stitchberry) with your hat, I would love to see it!

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