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Waffle Stitch Washcloth – Free Crochet Pattern

This washcloth is part of a washcloth set called the Sampler Stitch Washcloth Collection. Each washcloth uses a different stitch, but they all pair really well together. You can find the other washcloth patterns HERE.

I can’t believe that this is already the last washcloth to be released in the collection! When I first thought of doing this collection the waffle stitch was the first stitch I thought of to include. So it only seemed fitting to finish the collection strong by ending with this one.

I learned the waffle stitch about a year ago and I have been obsessed ever since! Once you get the hang of the stitch (it is easier than it looks!), this stitch is so fun to crochet.

The texture is so squishy and dense, which is perfect for a washcloth. This stitch is so modern and fun, definitely not a washcloth you see everyday in the store 😉

Enjoy the free pattern below!

Ad-Free PDF: Click HERE


  • 120 yards of worsted weight (4) yarn. NOTE cotton works best for washcloths
  • H/5.00mm crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle


1)      This pattern is written in American Crochet Terms.

2)      The ch 2 at the beginning of each row does count as a st

3)      Because the ch 2 counts as the first double crochet of every round, you will not be working a double crochet into the first st. You will also work a double into the turning ch of every row. 

Stitches used:

St: Stitch

Sl st: Slip stitch

Ch: Chain

Sc: Single Crochet

Dc: Double crochet

Fpdc: Front post double crochet

Skill Level: Intermediate 

Size: Approximately 9  x 9 ¼ inches 

Gauge: 5 rows of 6 sts following the waffle stitch pattern = 2 inches


Ch 37

Row 1: In 2nd ch from hook, work 1 dc and in every st across (36) turn.

Row 2: Ch 2 [counts as 1st dc], *work 1 fpdc in next st, work 1 dc in the next 2 st* repeat to the end of the row. Work 1 dc into the last st [this is the ch 2 from the previous row] (36) turn.

Row 3: Ch 2 [counts as 1st double crochet], *work 1 dc in next st, 1 fpdc in next 2 st* repeat to the end of the row. Work 1 dc in the last 2 st (36) turn.

Repeat rows 2-3 for a total of 26 rounds. Do not fasten off.

Border: Evenly sc around the washcloth working 2 scs in every corner, sl st into the first sc.

Fasten off and weave in loose ends.

I hope you enjoyed making this washcloth! Be sure to tag me on Instagram (@_stitchberry) with your Stitchberry make, I would love to see it!

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